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We know that a stay at Raus can be exciting and even a little adventurous. To provide you with some more guidance for what to expect we have worked on this enormous FAQ that should help you out.

About Raus

  • What’s the concept behind Raus?

    At Raus we not only want to bring you close to nature, we want to get you into nature. We are keen on providing you with an easy, comfortable and beautiful experience to unwind from city life and your daily routines. With our sustainably designed and thoughtfully equipped cabins, we offer boutique stays that are close enough to what you call your home but far enough from the pace, stimuli and commitments that often come with it. We believe that getaways can be a great opportunity to be mindful of what matters in life. This is why we want to create opportunities to shift your unshared energy, attention and time to untouched places – both, outside and inside.

  • In which countries and regions is a stay with Raus possible?

    Starting in Germany with cabins close to cities such as Berlin and Hamburg, Raus will be coming to other destinations across Europe. Check out our location page to find out more about all our sites.

  • How many cabins does Raus run?

    Like new leaves in Spring, additional Raus locations are constantly blossoming. Which makes it rather hard for us to give an exact number.

  • Who founded Raus?

    Raus was founded by childhood friends Dr. Christopher Eilers, Johann Ahlers and Julian Trautwein. While loving cities, they also know the thrill and many benefits of the great outdoors.

  • How is Raus financed?

    We have closed a financing round led by venture capital firm Speedinvest in 2021 and are backed by fellow city dwellers including Tourlane founders Julian Stiefel and Julian Weselek, Hometogo founders Patrick Andrä and Wolfgang Heigl, former Airbnb Managing Director (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Zazume Co-Founder Jeroen Merchiers, and BCG Digital Ventures Managing Director & Partner Urs Rahne.

Booking & Reservation

  • How to book?

    Review all available cabins listed on our website. Choose your favourite. Book extras if needed. It’s as simple as that.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of days to consider when booking a stay?

    Yes, our cabins are bookable for a minimum stay of two nights. One night for sleeping, one for counting stars.

  • Is it possible to book extras, e.g. a child’s chair, a barbecue or deck chairs?

    If you need any extras contact us via help@raus.life before your stay and we try our best to arrange any required extras. In the near future we will add bookable extras to the site.

  • Is it possible to book food and drinks?

    ​​We know people have different opinions about whether cooking is relaxing or not. With that said, in some of our locations, you will have the option to choose from a selection of food and beverages for your stay. Please check out the respective location page to find out more. In any case, we will provide you with at least 5L of drinking water during your getaway. You will also find tea, coffee, salt and pepper in your cabin.

  • Is it possible to bring a pet?

    Yes – depending on the location we will allow pets with prior written consent. Please check the location pages and when in doubt contact us via help@raus.life. If you bring a furry friend we will need to charge you for extra cleaning.

  • How much is a stay at Raus?

    You can find exact prices of available dates in the booking calendar of each location. Depending on the season and whether you want to check-in on a weekday or weekend, our prices vary between 150€ and 195€ per night (for a minimum stay of two nights). If you want to unwind for three or more nights, you’ll get 10% off your stay.

The cabins

  • Where do I find more about the Raus Cabins?

    We recommend checking out our Staying With Us page to find out more about our cabins.

  • What size are the cabins and how are they equipped?

    We love to talk about our cabins and their benefits! Our cabins offer 16m2 of open living space. Most of our cabins come with a terrace, where you can meditate, do yoga or have your morning coffee watching the fog lift. Speaking of coffee – yes, you will have coffee in your cabin! The kitchen is equipped with two gas stoves, a fridge and all the kitchen tools needed to prepare a nice meal for yourself. We also have tea for you as well as olive oil, salt and pepper.

    In the bathroom area you will find a shower (towels included) and a sustainable composting dry- toilet. Soaps, hand sanitizer and washing up essentials are already in place for you to make sure that only the right things go into the environment.

    There is also a working space in the cabin in case inspiration strikes. If you urgently need connection to the rest of the world the majority of our cabins come with wi-fi as standard.

    Last but not least: we highly value a good night's sleep. Your bed comes with a queen mattress (160cm x 200cm), huge duvet, high-quality pillows and a warm throw. There is no need to bring bedding. If it gets cold each cabin has a wood stove and everything you need to spark a crackling fire. Get some cosiness while you watch the dusk fall through the large panorama window.

  • Are the cabins bookable year-round, i.e. is it possible to stay there in winter?

    Yes, you can book your getaway with Raus all year-round. We would love to see you celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve in one of our cabins. All our cabins are insulated and the wood stove will provide cosy warmth during frosty winter days. In some on-grid cabins there is also a separate heating system.

  • How many people can stay in a cabin?

    Our cabins are designed for two adults and one small child. They are equipped with a queen-size bed (160x200cm).

  • Are the cabins suitable for a stay with children?

    Our cabins offer space for two adults and a small child. However, please note that with the wood stove inside and the steps to the terrace, they are not completely childproof. If you want to be sure, contact us via help@raus.life before booking your stay.

  • Do the cabins have electricity?

    Yes! All our cabins are solar powered. We provide electricity for the lights, fridge and wall sockets. You can charge your phone, notebook and headphones and will be able to see the battery’s status on a display panel. There is only one favour we need to ask you: Please let your hair air dry at home, because our cabins are not suitable for hair dryers or other power-hungry electronics.

  • How off-grid are the cabins?

    You will find more about each location’s remoteness on our Locations page. All our locations surround you with beautiful, undisturbed nature. Depending on location you won’t see any other human beings, man-made buildings or infrastructure. At others you might have neighbours. But you will be able to reach your car within an (approximate) 15min walk.

  • What about phone signals? How strong is it?

    While we encourage you to use your stay as an opportunity to unplug, we know that sometimes you might just need to make a little call to family or friends. Some locations will have strong phone signal, others less so. Please check the Locations page for individual details. If you want to go phone-free for the weekend we always probed a basic phone for emergency calls in each cabin.

  • Do the cabins have running water? And what happens if I run out of water? Can I refill it?

    Yes! We want to make your stay feel like a sweet escape, not survival training. We have different kinds of cabins and many have a water connection. However, in particularly remote locations we have installed a water tank with a contingent of 400L. A display panel in your cabin shows you the water level at all times. Depending on the length of your stay we may refill the water tank halfway through. We encourage you to be as mindful of your water consumption as possible.

    In some locations we have installed two cabins next to each other for those who want to escape buzzing city life with friends. At others you will find another cabin within walking distance. In other locations you won’t find other cabins nearby. Please check out the Location page to find out more.

  • Are there other cabins close by?

    In some locations we have installed two cabins next to each other for those who want to escape buzzing city life with friends. At others you will find another cabin within walking distance. In other locations you won’t find other cabins nearby. Please check out the Location page to find out more.

  • Is there an air conditioner?

    Our cabins don’t come with an air conditioner but they have enough windows to give natural draught. We highly recommend cooling off in the shade of a forest or nearby lake.

  • Are the cabins barrier-free and accessible?

    Unfortunately not yet. By now, our cabins are mostly located in the middle of nature, so in some cases there is no paved road leading to the accommodation. However, it is important for us to be able to offer barrier-free cabins in the future. We are working on it! In the meantime: please don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you would like to book a stay with Raus. We will for sure try to find a location and cabin that fits your wishes and needs.

Your stay

  • How to get to a cabin?

    All of our Raus cabins are easily accessible from the city by car and a 1-2 hour drive. Some are accessible by bike or public transport. We only share the exact location and directions after a stay was booked. Booking done? You will receive an email with a detailed description of how to get to your cabin prior to your stay.

  • Is it possible to park near the cabin?

    Yes! You can park your car within walking distance of your cabin in a designated area. Usually our locations offer parking space for two cars. However, the space varies depending on the exact location. Please check the page of the respective cabin to find out more. In any case, we will always try to accommodate your vehicle. If you have any questions you can always contact us via help@raus.life.

  • How to check in?

    You can check in after 3PM completely independently with our keyless access system. You will receive a pin code prior to your stay via email, which will enable you to enter the cabin. This whole procedure means no key delivery and zero paperwork, which is convenient for you and for the environment.

  • How to check out?

    You need to check out before 11AM. Please make sure all windows are closed and double-check whether the door is locked. Late check-out might be possible if there are no other guests checking in the same day. Please email us a couple of days before your stay and we will let you know if there is any flexibility.

  • What to bring?

    Writing packing lists means work and we don’t want you to work, we want you to chill! This is why we will be sending you a packing list prior to your stay. But honestly – you will only need your personal belongings. If you think of our cabins, just think of a fully equipped boutique hotel room (with a bit more greenery).

  • How do I have to leave the cabin? Does the guest pay for any final cleaning?

    We want you to leave the cabin relaxed, recharged and filled with joy – feelings not necessarily evoked while vacuuming. This is why cleaning services are provided in all our cabins before and after your stay. However we do encourage you to leave the cabin in a tidy state. Particularly dirty cabins will incur an extra cleaning charge.

  • Can I make a fire?

    As our locations are in the middle of nature, usually open fires are not allowed. However, we will inform you in the cabin’s house manual if you are allowed to build a campfire on the provided fire pit or not.

  • How stable is the WiFi, in case I really depend on it for work reasons?

    Most of our cabins come with complimentary Wi-Fi as standard, although we do encourage you to disconnect and enjoy your surroundings. Please note that some of our cabins are in very remote locations, so don’t expect broadband speeds. When in doubt please check out our location pages to find details about your location.

  • And is there anything else I have to keep in mind in terms of environment and surroundings?

    Even though you might feel like you’re alone, we kindly want to ask you to respect your neighbours – even if the neighbours are just animals. Keep the surrounding area clean and the noise down during the night.

  • Is it possible to camp next to a cabin?

    As much as we would like you to enjoy nature to the fullest camping next to the cabins is not currently allowed due to site restrictions.

  • Do you provide drinking water?

    Yes, we provide a minimum of 5L of drinking water per stay. If you think you will need more, please bring some bottles of water with you (preferably glass). In some of our cabins the tap water also has drinking water quality and can be used freely. Please see our Location pages for specifics.

  • What is a composting toilet?

    A composting toilet is ultra-sustainable! It looks like your average toilet, but you won’t find or need any flush. These dry toilets use a separation system and are based on the idea of collecting liquids and solids separately. It’s odourless – but still, just in case, a built-in ventilation is provided.


  • In what ways are the cabins designed and equipped sustainably?

    We cherish the energy and relaxation that nature gifts us. This is also the reason why it was important to us to design the cabins sustainably. They are self-sufficient, powered by solar energy, they come with a water tank and a compost toilet. Even inside of the cabin you will find products made of sustainable or recycled materials.

  • How does the installation of a cabin affect its location and surroundings?

    Our cabins are minimal, just like the effort to set them up. They are powered by solar energy, equipped with water tanks and a compost toilet, that doesn’t require wastewater disposal. Therefore, we don’t need to lay pipes. And because the cabin is built on a trailer, they are barely invasive to the soil.

Payment & Cancellation

  • What are the payment options?

    We currently only accept credit card payments (Mastercard and Visa). If you do not have a credit card, please contact us at help@raus.life and we’ll find a way to complete the booking manually.

  • Is it possible to purchase vouchers?

    We are delighted that you would like to give the gift of peace and time to your loved ones. You can purchase our vouchers here.

  • How to change the dates of a stay or cancel a reservation?

    You can cancel your reservation or change the dates of your stay free of charge up until 4 days prior to the check-in date. If you cancel your reservation or change the dates of your stay within less than 4 days prior to the check-in date we can only refund you 20% of the total amount.

  • Can I invite friends over?

    As much as we love a good party we have to restrict access to the number of people indicated in the booking.


  • What about activities?

    We are more than happy to share special tips and hidden gems with you to make your stay perfect. You will find a little leaflet in your cabin, providing you with information about farmers’ markets, hiking trails and lakes in the surrounding area of your cabin.

  • Are there board games in the cabin?

    Yes! Let us surprise you with our selection...


  • Are the cabins safe?

    Yes! Safety is our top priority, as it is a crucial factor to make you feel comfortable during your stay. Our cabins are equipped with a fire extinguisher and an emergency phone. There is a 24/7 helpline that you can call – we promise we stand by you no matter the situation. Of course you will also find a fire alarm and a Co2 Alarm in all of our cabins.

  • Is it possible to close the cabin door manually or only via Code?

    The cabins have a manual lock that works with a Pin-Code, which you will receive prior to your stay. In case our smart lock malfunctions you can also use a hidden key to enter and leave the cabin.

  • What to do in case of an emergency?

    Our cabins are equipped with a fire extinguisher and emergency phone. There is a 24/7 helpline that you can call – we’ll always be there to help. All cabins have a fire alarm and CO- Alarm.

Landowners & Properties

  • Is it possible to partner with Raus?

    We would love to partner with you. We are continuously on the lookout for beautiful locations that deserve more visitors. If you are interested in becoming a part of our Raus network, please find more information here or contact us via partner@raus.life.

  • What requirements must a property meet?

    Our guests are looking for an undisturbed time in quiet nature. Ideal locations are: on farms, country inns, forestry farms. Raus locations must be reachable within a 2h drive from the next big city. Please find more information here.

  • What do I have to take care of as a landowner?

    The cabins are built, marketed and operated by Raus free of charge, so there is no operational expense for you. Our trained cleaning staff takes care of cleaning in between check-ins and check-outs. Find out more about what it’s like to work with Raus on our Landowner page.

Can’t find the information you need in the location description or in our FAQ?

Contact us by e-mail below - we will be happy to assist you. If you are inside the cabin and have an emergency you can find all important contacts in the cabin manual and inside the cupboard across the kitchen next to the wood stove.

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