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1:00 hour north of Berlin

Raus x Wehrmuehle

The first model of our new cabin design created by architect Sigurd Larsen is located at the edge of the quaint garden of Wehrmuehle, our partner for this particular site. The temporary cooperation is scheduled for six months. During that time, you get to stay on an idyllic meadow in a historic place that houses art and culture. Take a stroll through the garden and discover contemporary art works, listen to the rushing water of the close-by creek and watch the shadow play underneath the trees.

Close to civilisation

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This cabin is designed by Sigurd Larsen

  • On-Grid
  • WiFi
  • No pets allowed
  • 2-4 Persons
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Availability & booking

Thank you for all your support! We’re no longer accepting bookings for this location.

The essentials

  • Space for 2-4 people (2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults)
  • Sleeps 4 (1 large double bed, 1 small bunk bed)
  • Skylight with tree-top view (above shower and bunk bed)
  • Food options
  • On-site water and electricity
  • Parking space available
  • WiFi and LTE connection
  • Not suitable for pets

The surroundings

Wehrmuehle is an idyllic summer spot to enjoy art, culture and nature. For six months, the Cabin will be located at the edge of the art garden of this historic place, where city dwellers are regularly drawn to picnic on the lawn or take a bike ride along the adjacent bike path.

During your stay you will be surrounded by art and nature, especially during the annual art exhibition Art Biesenthal, which takes place on the weekends from July 9th to August 28th showing art works of emerging and established international artists.

Already in June you’ll spot some artists at work, who are staying on site in the course of the Wehrmuehle Art Residency. For this project, Wehrmuehle invites several creatives to use the place as a studio, to experiment, to organize workshops and to promote the collaboration of different artists.

On the weekends between September 4th and October 10th, the interdisciplinary exhibition Aerial Palettes will take place at Wehrmuehle. The format is designed to connect the disciplines of art and music, while also challenging the current format in which the two fields are presented.

Last but not least the beautiful surroundings have much to offer: jump into one of the many crystal clear lakes of Brandenburg for an afternoon refreshment, shop local produce at the farm shops for a cabin-cooked dinner on the terrace, or explore the ever-changing sceneries of heathland, swamps and forests.


This cabin was designed by Sigurd Larsen for Raus. The Danish architect is well known for his contemporary aesthetics, which incorporate nature seamlessly and highlight unique natural settings – from the tall tree crown above to the sun shifting throughout the day or creating a niche space that allows you to gaze upon the view while comfortably cuddled in. Check out this video interview with Sigurd Larsen and gain some insights into the design process.

The facilities



Wehrmuehle is an On-Grid site, which means it is solar-powered but also connected to the backup main power supply. This means it will be possible to charge laptops and other devices at this location. As ever, we encourage you to be mindful of your usage.


The cabin is insulated and equipped with a wood stove to make your stay extra warm and cozy. We provide you with wood, kindling, lighter and a little guide so you can spark a crackling fire. In addition, there’s floor heating installed, that can easily be set to your preferred temperature.


This location has fresh water provided, which means you can use a bit more than at other locations to shower etc. While you don’t need to fear running out of water, do be conscious of how much you are using.

Getting there

Wehrmuehle is one hour by car from Berlin-Mitte. You can also go there by train. The fastest connection will take you from Berlin Central Station to Bernau within 20 minutes. Once there, you can reach the cabin in 15 minutes by cab. Alternatively you can also go there by bus: the ride, starting at Bernau train station, takes 20 minutes. You need to hop off at Biesenthal Markt and will reach the cabin after a short walk (15 minutes).

Food and drinks at your request

Rise and shine to nature and a hearty breakfast or have lunch on the terrace. At this location we offer a number of different food and beverage options that you can easily add to your stay.

For our food package consisting of breakfast and a warm meal including a wine option, we are collaborating with Jessica-Joyce Sidon and Cäcilia Baldszus, who are the founders of the former Berlin restaurant Baldon and responsible for the gastronomic concept of this year's Art Biesenthal. The package includes yogurt from neighboring Hof Lobetaler with granola as well as a vegetarian stew and will be delivered freshly prepared directly to your cabin.

We’ll give you more details when you book but expect a rich breakfast, an easy to prepare menu and a selected natural wine. No need for foraging (unless you like to!).

Cabins with all the essentials you need to live comfortably in nature.

At each location we place smart, sustainable cabins that have a bed, a shower, toilet, electricity, running water and a kitchen with all the appliances – just bring the ingredients.

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